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Why Introduce?

introduce tells you about the person you are curious about in detail!

  • Common Interests

    Find your favorite sportsmen, celebrities, brands and many more in common!

  • Match Point

    Maybe, you have been made for each other. You can learn it easily with introduce match point.

  • Tweet Times

    introduce tells you about the times the person you are curious about uses Twitter the most.

  • Most Popular Tweet

    Which one of her tweets has become the most popular up to this time? Learn and share with her!

  • Latest Question

    Don’t let his questions left unanswered. Learn his latest question, send an answer if you want to.

  • Shared Media

    You can see which songs, images, links and videos he has shared easily and catch some clues!

  • Musical Taste

    The musicians she follows and the songs she shares always give some ideas about her.

  • Celebrities

    You can learn about the famous people whom she finds interesting and follows on Twitter.

  • Close Friends

    introduce discovers her favourite Twitter users for you.

  • Word Choices

    Learn which word she uses the most. Share and surprise her!